Reporting on Council meetings, please read this FAQ if you plan to report on or more especially record Council meetings.

Protocol and Guidance This guidance applies to any council and committee meetings that are open to the public. The Council allows any member any person to report on public meetings subject to the limited exceptions outlined below. The term ‘reporting’ includes the taking of photographs, filming, audio-recording, tweeting, blogging or generally reporting on proceedings.  It […]

Members of the public may ask questions during the public open session held immediately prior to each full Parish Council meeting. Each person is limited to 3 minutes to make their comment and/or ask question[s]. Guidance notes can be downloaded.

Public Question Time The council meets and makes its decisions in public and is committed to community engagement and therefore invites members of the public, the press, the police and district & county councillors to attend meetings and contribute within the public forum.  A council meeting is not a public meeting; it is a meeting […]

When & where does the Parish Council meet and who can attend?

Parish Council [4th Wednesday of each month except August & December *] Questions from the public are taken in the first half hour after planning applications have been considered. General Purposes Committee [2nd Monday except August & December]. Planning Committee meets prior to each Parish Council & General Purposes Committee meetings. Finance Committee as required – usually in July & […]