Reporting on Council meetings, please read this FAQ if you plan to report on or more especially record Council meetings.

Protocol and Guidance

This guidance applies to any council and committee meetings that are open to the public.

  1. The Council allows any member any person to report on public meetings subject to the limited exceptions outlined below. The term ‘reporting’ includes the taking of photographs, filming, audio-recording, tweeting, blogging or generally reporting on proceedings.  It does NOT include making written notes of proceedings.
  2. Those wishing to undertake any reporting of meetings are requested to make this known to the Clerk immediately prior to the commencement of the meeting.
  3. The Chairman of the meeting shall advise everyone that the meeting is being reported.
  4. The proceedings of the meeting must not be disrupted by the use of any equipment or by the manner in which the reporting is undertaken.
  5. It is also important that reporting does not inhibit public involvement.

Please download this document which contains the complete protocol and guidance on this matter.

Download (PDF, 66KB)